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Strategies for Student Retention in the Context of the No Child Left Behind Act

America's high schools have become the gatekeepers to college, the workforce, and unfortunately the welfare and correctional system. High school drop-out rates across America have reached a critical stage, causing a national crisis in public education. In many communities high school completion rates are below fifty percent of the population. This trend has generated a population of young people who are excluded from participating and achieving the American Dream. The "forgotten fifty percent" are the estimated 50% of youth who are at risk of terminating their high school careers with no academic, vocational, employability or technological skills to function in the complex global economy of the 21st century.

The 2002 No Child Left Behind Act requires that states align requirements with their school reform plans, construct new accountability systems, and develop high stake assessment instruments. Princeton Training Associates assists local school districts in the development of contextualized learning and teaching models designed to provide the mandated alignment, while providing students with relevant academic content.

Contextual teaching and learning develops a link between subject content and realistic life situations. PTA works with teachers in a collaborative effort to engage students, families, and community business partners to present academic knowledge in the context of career themes.

The future of our nation's economic growth, national security, and world leadership is dependent on our ability to educate all of this nation's children. One child without the job training skills to compete in the 21st Century workforce, is one child too many. America cannot afford to leave one single child behind.



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