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Customized Employability Competency Portfolios

The customized portfolio provides staff, students, volunteers, family and community partners the opportunity to understand the realistic expectations of the workplace.  The portfolio contains an inventory of critical employability competencies addressing the following categories of workplace literacy: academic; employability; workplace; financial; ethical and cultural; as well as life skills.

In addition, the portfolio contains an inventory of trade specific skills consistent with national skill standards or trade association competencies. The document serves as a journal, documenting participant achievement and identifies opportunities to improve performance. School, community and faith-based staff monitor and review individual progress and review the mastery of critical competencies required for employment and life-long learning.

The portfolio addresses contextual reading, writing, and math skills, verbal and listening skills, creative thinking, decision-making, problem solving, reasoning skills, self-esteem, self-management, workplace values, and customer service skills.

The portfolio also contains a journal of workplace specific contextual experiences, which will serve to bring the workplace to the school. Journal entry exercises provide a basis of discussion with case managers, school and workplace mentors, as well as academic instructors. Included in the portfolio are participant resumes, certifications, diplomas, awards, academic transcripts, and a description of the specific training curriculum the participant enrolled in.



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